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It's all about MYDAY♥

Assalamualaikum how are you today (?) Hope you just fine Nd ur day amazing :)
Okai first of all I m sorry 'cause yesterday I don't update anything . Btw , My day was happy + Bad yesterday . #HAAHAA! Okai today let's talk 'bout my yesterday (?) Em but today I m not really well so no English . Em today kita cakap Malay keyh (?) :) Pape pon fyra anak Malaysia jugakk kan :P okai (?) No hal kan (?) Let's start :)
Hurm kemarin fyra ada terlibat dengan kenduri . Hantar pengantin lelaki pegi bertunang . Alahaii , bile pulak lha giliran fyra kan (?) :) #HEHE! Galak punye orang (!) Em destinasi nya kat Mechang . Hurm memang serius bosank duk lam kete lame|2 . Tataw nak buad perh . Naseb lha my hubby sudi temankan . #HIKHOK ! :P Kamy mesej sekejap jerh pon . Ageyhpon my hubby ada dekat kampung . so , Nak mesej lelama cam ta best laa kan . Hurm , yang fyra ingad kamy stop mesej sebab adek dea nak main game dalam nset nyerh . #HAHA! kelaka larh . Btw , his broder comeyy syiokk . Berkenan laq :P Em so back to bored again :( hurm , then tanpa buang masa Nd nak hilang kan pasaan bosankk neyh fyra Nd adek|2 snap beberapa gamba :P #HEHE! kamy sememang nya koya (!)

Okai this one of our pics :) mulut muncung mase posing sememang nya stail fyra . Ntah nape boley jadi cam tuh . #HEHE! Maybe dah personaliti fyra cam neyh kod :) Tak menyusah kan kowank rite (?) Okai . Em btw , Tempatnya yang fyra rasa dekat jerh rupenya jauh jugak . Alahai ber-jam|2 dowk lam kete . BOSANK + NGANTUK (!) Em kamy bertolak kira|2 pukul 2 lha sebab y fyra tahu lepas dad balek dari Masjid kamy terus siap|2 then bertolak . Kamy tak ke sana terus , Kamy pegi ke umah pengantin tuh dulu . B'cause kamy pon wondering mane umah pengantin pompuan sebenarnya :) So , kat sana tuh pon kena tunggu dalam 30 minit . Biasa lha janjy owank melayu . Ta selalu tepat (!) kan|2 (?) YES (!) em3 , tunggu owank ny ta mari lageyh lha , tunggu dea tuh ta sampai lageyh lha . BOSANKK tol lha . Hurm , so kamy adek beradik snap lageyh :P

hikhok! Buruk kan (?) YES (!) Masehh♥ Okai then dalam pukul 3 lebey kamy baru boley bertolak ke destinasi y sebena nya :) ALhamdulillah . Em jauh memang jauh . Tapi fyra just kosongkan minda then nikmati pemandangan kat luar sana . Ye lha kan kampung so lawa lha , Hijau jerh pemandangan . Tenang jerh , Then , Dalam kol 4 lebey kamy sampai . Alahaii , nak tahu something (?) Tempat tuh penoh dengan LINTAH (!) Sumpah setiap kali langkah fyra jalan mesty nmpak mende tuh dok berjalan . . EEEEEE Geli syiokk (!) Setiap kali langkah jalan confirm menjerit|2 #HAHA! bila pikir balek kelaka pon ada . Yelah sekali dengan my mom menjerit|2 . Adoii , ta malu sungguh dah lha depan kuarge pengantin pompuan (!) Em3 pe nak jady lha kamy neyh :P Then , fyra sempat nengop dowank berbalas|2 pantun , Hush first time lha nengop neyh . Excited pon ada . #HAHA! Dalam rumah pengantin memang bising dibuwat nye . Seronok lha . em Then , kamy dijamukan dengan nasi lauk ayam goreng , Gulai daging :) Sedapp gakk lha . Tapy fyra makan sikit jerh :) hehe . Ageyh pon on DIET (!) Em then , kamy balek .

Neyh laa pemandangan y sempat fyra snap . Lawa kan (?) Tenang jerh nengop hijau jerh sume .

Okai . Ley nampak tak kerbau|2 ?? #HAHA! tempat tuh penoh ngn kerbau lha . . Adoii :)
Em kamy sampai Kuala Terengganu lam pukul 7 cam tuh lha . Then , Tak terus balek . Mom pujuk dad suh geyh shopping jap . So , mom cakap ad jualan murah dekat PLANET ( TTC ) then kamy pegi ctuh larh . Em memang murah|2 pon barang kat sane , Beg lawa|2 lha . Dengan banyak discount . 50% 70% Adoiii memang best tengok . Tapy fyra x berkenan pon baju|2 kat situ b'cause simple sangad . Em fyra suka baju y pelik|2 seked n labuh . Fyra ta bape suka pakai baju T-Shirt . One sebab simple then singkat . Um dad fyra law nampak fyra pakai baju singkat confirm dea marahh . Sebab tuh lha senang pakai skirt kan . ta nampak bentuk kaki sangad :) kan|2 (?) Setuju (?) hehe!
Em kat sane mom belikan fyra 2 pasang PASHMINA♥ YES|2 Suka lha :) Em di sebab kan my big bro ta ekod mom decide belikan baju sepasang tuk dea . Yelah kamy sume ley beli macam|2 dea kat umah takan ta beli pape kod . Mampuzz dea mengamuk t . HAHA! Okai , Then lepas beli tuh beli neyh so balek . . (: Sampai umah lam pukul 9.30 malam :)

Okai , That's all from me today :) Hope you like it♥
Sorry if I got wrong speech or anything :) This is my day . How 'bout yours (?)
Enjoy reading my story :)

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It's all about THEM♥

Assalamualaikum how are you today (?) Hope you just fine Nd great (!) :)
Okai, today let's talk about my friends . I love my friends . I don't care whether he or she . It's did't mean that if I be friends with boy and he is my BF rite (?) Many people doesn't satisfied with me if my bestfriend is a BOY (!) Why (?) em seriously , I think they're fool (!) =.-' SORRY . How could they said that (?) Be a bestfriend with a boy is the most cleverest thing I've ever do (!) yah / Don't believe it . Okai let me tell you why I love to friends with boys .

Sometimes , boys are more understand my feel than my girl friends . Yah (!) B'cause they're boy Nd their feel is more tough than girls . Nd they always make me more stronger . They taught me how to be brave , how to be more stronger , how to conclude a situation , how to find the way out in a problem , how to be more dramatic , how to be more smarter , how to be REAL " SHAWTY " (!)
I LOVE THEM but only as a FRIENDS (!) No more other that . 'Cause i'd already taken by my little sweety bunny Mirol♥ :) Sometimes , they'd cheer me up when I sad :( Yah (!) They'd treat me as their sister . How such a gentle rite♥

Hum but even I more comfort with boys , I have more girls friend . They're cool but only SOMETIMES . They're more " CEREWET " (!) #HAHA! :) Em I miss our GIRLS NIGHT (!) :( Having fun with each other singing yelling shouting talking 'bout boys . AWW I miss all the moment . Hmm :( I wish we could spend our day together again . One of my bestfriends that I'd never can forget are ♥TJ Nd ♥Ain :( Both of them are very COOL Nd very amazing girl . LOve to be friend with them . Hm TJ is my form1 friend . She is very beautiful . Nd Ain is my form2 friend which is from TERENGGANU . She is amazing girl . She such a tomboy but I love it . She just being herself . Nd she is very passion of PARAMORE♥ Both them are cool . Hope someday they can meet together . YAh TJ from KEDAH Nd Ain from TEGANU . Em it will be cool if we can be together doing everything together . I am very appreciate FRIENDSHIP♥

Okai That's all from me :) Hope you enjoy reading this :)
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It's all about HIM♥

Assalamualaikum♥ How are you today (?) Are just fine (?) Hope yah rite :) Okai today let's talk 'bout one of my beloved people in my life
( Mohd Amirul Ashraf b. Shahnun ) #Psst- Sorry if I wrong Darling♥ . Em okai he is my BF Nd I love him so freakin' damn much :) Our relationship start on 20th August 2011 . On the date we're officially be together :) Seriously , we started know each other on 19th August 2011 #HAHA! can you believe it (?) After one day we texting Nd he ask to be my boy . #awww :P so sweet . Em on that time , I m totally doubt . Whether accept his proposal or not :/ Um but when I think 'bout it , Em better I m accept him b'cause I can gain more experience Nd I want to make our relation that can get into the next level :) Can you understand me (?) I bet yah (!)
Okai , This is my love♥ . He's just simple boy that's why I love him . I love all of his attitude . Himself that makes me love him more Nd more from one day to another day :) All 'bout him I love . I m accept him b'cause of himself . I love him like I love Purple color . How I m passion of Purple Nd that's how I love him♥ Em when I hear his voice feel like I m having some Ice - Cream #HAHA! I love his natural voice that always make me SMILE :) His words always make me feel stronger to live . His sweet sulking make me feel aww you're my only♥ The Conclusion , I LOVE ALL 'BOUT HIM♥
Nd I never wanna let him go from my life . I m always praying to ALLAH to meant we be together forever :) hmm hope , We can live together someday . BTW , If we're not meant to be . Hm I will accept it 'cause I love him Nd I will try to accept anything that will happen on the future . Even when he LOVES someone else , I'll strong myself to accept it .
Em thanks for u darling my beloved boy . I hope you love me more than I love you♥ :)

Okai that's all from me today . Hope you enjoy reading my story .
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It's All about MY Family♥

Assalamualaikum . How are you (?) Hope you fit as a fiddle♥
Today let me tell 'bout my FAMILY . Okai (?) First of all my family is great . Nd I m very praised to be born nd live with them . Yah not every time we had good day . Sometimes we got problem . Sometimes , we're in happy mood . Like others too rite (?)
Haa this pic is my mom♥ nd my dad♥ . My beloved♥ parents in my life . My mom's name is " NORHALINA " nd my dad " SHAFIE " . They are cute together rite (?) Yes (!) YES (!) Em I love them like I love myself or maybe more than I love myself . They're great . Sometimes , They're very sucks #HAHA! yah . I hate when my mom get mad of me . 'Cause she will yelling at me on nd on from the morning 'til night . hah (?) I m tired of it (!) But , I know she do that for my benefits rite . LOVE YOU MOM♥ . Okai , Bout my dad . Em he's just a simple guy not to much crazy of money . I mean , he is not wasting his money just like that . He is annoying sometimes :P Em he don't like to yelling to his kids , 'Cause he has a very kind - heart :) It is easy to make deal with him not like my mom . My mom arghhhh (!) My dad is very make my day alive . He's keep me strong all day. He is always give some cool advice 'bout live . Em sometimes 'bout GUY . #HAHA! I love guy :P Em my mom nd my dad start meeting on 1991 . Nd after one year later they get married . I been told by mom that my dad want them get married as soon as possible b'cause he scared that mom will fall in love with other people . #HAHA! it's funny rite (?) LOL - They always make me SMILE :) Em their wedding is on 09.06.1992 . Nd their first boy BORN on 26.06.1993 . That's my brother♥ . Okai , I think that's enough 'bout my parents .
Em this pic is : from the left , Me , Sista ( WANIE ) , Sista ( WAWA ) nd my big bro ( EWAN ) . We're cute rite (?) #HAHA! Em nothing to say bout them . But , One thing I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ND FOREVER♥ Okai , My broder em Sometimes I hate him . He such a JERK (!) Can u imagined that everyday he will find way to argue with me . HAH (!) How such a coward (!) #HAHA! but I know he just want to have fun with his sisters and joking . WhatEver (!) Em 'bout my two young sista . They're cute . Nd sometimes people said that they look as a twin . Nd I don't know how can they said that (?) To me , they both look totally not same . Em I don't know :P But , they are very funny . Trust me , if u live in my house you can't stop laughing 24/7 (!) #HAHA! WE ARE HAPPY BIG FAMILY♥
This is me with the younger broder in my family :D
He is the cutest in my family . I LOVE HIM♥ . He loves cartoon so much . Nd sometimes he loves to watch BARBIE . How such a GIRL (!) #HAHA! His favorite character is BEN10♥ . He loves to play alot . Everyday , every evening he will do a new thing or game to play with . He's smart too . But , One thing he don't like. *EAT* oh geee He's so stubborn to eat . Sometimes he don't eat in a day . How can he survive (?) I don't know . EM3 ;)

Okai that's all from me today . 'Till we meet again .
Hope you enjoy reading my story =)

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It's all about me♥

Assalamualaikum . :D
Okai this is my new blog . Nd it is official me . But , first of all let me introduce myself .

✔ Nurul Shafira binti Shafie | Fyra for short
✔ I m 5teen | Still a student
✔ 03.08.1996 my first day I see the world | Thanks to my mom♥
✔ Hospital Besar Kuala Terengganu | Where I was born
✔ I have 5 siblings in my family . My brother , me , 2 young sista and 1 young broder :)
✔ My hometown Kuala Terengganu , Malaysia | the beautiful country♥

Okai I think that's all bout me ! What ?? Not enough ?? HAHA ! okai
U need more info bout me ?? uh yah I see XD

Em I was born safely at 3:27 PM . And my name Nurul Shafira is not from my mom or my dad .
but , I was my grandma . I love her♥ . My first school is at area Kuala Terengganu , Which is at Pulau Musang . I mean my first KINDERGARDEN ! haha :P my age on that time was 4 y/o
Yah I was 4 and start hold a pencil and start writing X) I miss the moment .
Nd when I was 5 I changed my school/Kindergarden from P.Musang to Gelugor .
I m still remember that on the time I was picked by my teachers to get part in a PAINTING CONTEST em yah . Used to I m passion of painting . but now yes I still love painting but more to drawing clothes design . My top ambition is wanna be a TOP designer or TOP model XD
Then , I grow up and my first real school HAHA was SK GELUGOR ! I been there since I was 7 'til 9 . Then , I moved to Kedah . At 10 y/o I schooled at SK PEREMBA .
There I had so much experience . I'd entered a marching band . Nd I love it so much♥
Our school always NO.2 (!) Sometimes , we got sabotage from others pple . I hate it (!)
Next , My first high school : SMK SERI AMPANG :)
I LOVE TO BEEN THERE . but only one year :( ♥TJ
Next year in 2010 I'd moved here again : KT my new school is SMK KOMPLEKS SEBERANG TAKIR .
( KOMSTAR ) -for short !
I hate that school . Very hate (!)
Thank god I stay there just only for 1 year♥
then , my family move to a place where i stay now BATU RAKIT♥
now , Just waiting for PMR result :'( I m shaking XD

Okai r u get where I m from (?) nd all thing I'd told here . Hope yah♥
Okai in the nutshell , since I was born 'till now I had school for over 7 place
Um lots rite (?) yah . My family love to gain new experience .
Always moving there moving here :P

Um that's all from me today . Hope You enjoy reading 'bout me♥
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