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It's all about me♥

Assalamualaikum . :D
Okai this is my new blog . Nd it is official me . But , first of all let me introduce myself .

✔ Nurul Shafira binti Shafie | Fyra for short
✔ I m 5teen | Still a student
✔ 03.08.1996 my first day I see the world | Thanks to my mom♥
✔ Hospital Besar Kuala Terengganu | Where I was born
✔ I have 5 siblings in my family . My brother , me , 2 young sista and 1 young broder :)
✔ My hometown Kuala Terengganu , Malaysia | the beautiful country♥

Okai I think that's all bout me ! What ?? Not enough ?? HAHA ! okai
U need more info bout me ?? uh yah I see XD

Em I was born safely at 3:27 PM . And my name Nurul Shafira is not from my mom or my dad .
but , I was my grandma . I love her♥ . My first school is at area Kuala Terengganu , Which is at Pulau Musang . I mean my first KINDERGARDEN ! haha :P my age on that time was 4 y/o
Yah I was 4 and start hold a pencil and start writing X) I miss the moment .
Nd when I was 5 I changed my school/Kindergarden from P.Musang to Gelugor .
I m still remember that on the time I was picked by my teachers to get part in a PAINTING CONTEST em yah . Used to I m passion of painting . but now yes I still love painting but more to drawing clothes design . My top ambition is wanna be a TOP designer or TOP model XD
Then , I grow up and my first real school HAHA was SK GELUGOR ! I been there since I was 7 'til 9 . Then , I moved to Kedah . At 10 y/o I schooled at SK PEREMBA .
There I had so much experience . I'd entered a marching band . Nd I love it so much♥
Our school always NO.2 (!) Sometimes , we got sabotage from others pple . I hate it (!)
Next , My first high school : SMK SERI AMPANG :)
I LOVE TO BEEN THERE . but only one year :( ♥TJ
Next year in 2010 I'd moved here again : KT my new school is SMK KOMPLEKS SEBERANG TAKIR .
( KOMSTAR ) -for short !
I hate that school . Very hate (!)
Thank god I stay there just only for 1 year♥
then , my family move to a place where i stay now BATU RAKIT♥
now , Just waiting for PMR result :'( I m shaking XD

Okai r u get where I m from (?) nd all thing I'd told here . Hope yah♥
Okai in the nutshell , since I was born 'till now I had school for over 7 place
Um lots rite (?) yah . My family love to gain new experience .
Always moving there moving here :P

Um that's all from me today . Hope You enjoy reading 'bout me♥
*T H A N K ♥ Y O U *
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