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It's all about HIM♥

Assalamualaikum♥ How are you today (?) Are just fine (?) Hope yah rite :) Okai today let's talk 'bout one of my beloved people in my life
( Mohd Amirul Ashraf b. Shahnun ) #Psst- Sorry if I wrong Darling♥ . Em okai he is my BF Nd I love him so freakin' damn much :) Our relationship start on 20th August 2011 . On the date we're officially be together :) Seriously , we started know each other on 19th August 2011 #HAHA! can you believe it (?) After one day we texting Nd he ask to be my boy . #awww :P so sweet . Em on that time , I m totally doubt . Whether accept his proposal or not :/ Um but when I think 'bout it , Em better I m accept him b'cause I can gain more experience Nd I want to make our relation that can get into the next level :) Can you understand me (?) I bet yah (!)
Okai , This is my love♥ . He's just simple boy that's why I love him . I love all of his attitude . Himself that makes me love him more Nd more from one day to another day :) All 'bout him I love . I m accept him b'cause of himself . I love him like I love Purple color . How I m passion of Purple Nd that's how I love him♥ Em when I hear his voice feel like I m having some Ice - Cream #HAHA! I love his natural voice that always make me SMILE :) His words always make me feel stronger to live . His sweet sulking make me feel aww you're my only♥ The Conclusion , I LOVE ALL 'BOUT HIM♥
Nd I never wanna let him go from my life . I m always praying to ALLAH to meant we be together forever :) hmm hope , We can live together someday . BTW , If we're not meant to be . Hm I will accept it 'cause I love him Nd I will try to accept anything that will happen on the future . Even when he LOVES someone else , I'll strong myself to accept it .
Em thanks for u darling my beloved boy . I hope you love me more than I love you♥ :)

Okai that's all from me today . Hope you enjoy reading my story .
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