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It's All about MY Family♥

Assalamualaikum . How are you (?) Hope you fit as a fiddle♥
Today let me tell 'bout my FAMILY . Okai (?) First of all my family is great . Nd I m very praised to be born nd live with them . Yah not every time we had good day . Sometimes we got problem . Sometimes , we're in happy mood . Like others too rite (?)
Haa this pic is my mom♥ nd my dad♥ . My beloved♥ parents in my life . My mom's name is " NORHALINA " nd my dad " SHAFIE " . They are cute together rite (?) Yes (!) YES (!) Em I love them like I love myself or maybe more than I love myself . They're great . Sometimes , They're very sucks #HAHA! yah . I hate when my mom get mad of me . 'Cause she will yelling at me on nd on from the morning 'til night . hah (?) I m tired of it (!) But , I know she do that for my benefits rite . LOVE YOU MOM♥ . Okai , Bout my dad . Em he's just a simple guy not to much crazy of money . I mean , he is not wasting his money just like that . He is annoying sometimes :P Em he don't like to yelling to his kids , 'Cause he has a very kind - heart :) It is easy to make deal with him not like my mom . My mom arghhhh (!) My dad is very make my day alive . He's keep me strong all day. He is always give some cool advice 'bout live . Em sometimes 'bout GUY . #HAHA! I love guy :P Em my mom nd my dad start meeting on 1991 . Nd after one year later they get married . I been told by mom that my dad want them get married as soon as possible b'cause he scared that mom will fall in love with other people . #HAHA! it's funny rite (?) LOL - They always make me SMILE :) Em their wedding is on 09.06.1992 . Nd their first boy BORN on 26.06.1993 . That's my brother♥ . Okai , I think that's enough 'bout my parents .
Em this pic is : from the left , Me , Sista ( WANIE ) , Sista ( WAWA ) nd my big bro ( EWAN ) . We're cute rite (?) #HAHA! Em nothing to say bout them . But , One thing I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ND FOREVER♥ Okai , My broder em Sometimes I hate him . He such a JERK (!) Can u imagined that everyday he will find way to argue with me . HAH (!) How such a coward (!) #HAHA! but I know he just want to have fun with his sisters and joking . WhatEver (!) Em 'bout my two young sista . They're cute . Nd sometimes people said that they look as a twin . Nd I don't know how can they said that (?) To me , they both look totally not same . Em I don't know :P But , they are very funny . Trust me , if u live in my house you can't stop laughing 24/7 (!) #HAHA! WE ARE HAPPY BIG FAMILY♥
This is me with the younger broder in my family :D
He is the cutest in my family . I LOVE HIM♥ . He loves cartoon so much . Nd sometimes he loves to watch BARBIE . How such a GIRL (!) #HAHA! His favorite character is BEN10♥ . He loves to play alot . Everyday , every evening he will do a new thing or game to play with . He's smart too . But , One thing he don't like. *EAT* oh geee He's so stubborn to eat . Sometimes he don't eat in a day . How can he survive (?) I don't know . EM3 ;)

Okai that's all from me today . 'Till we meet again .
Hope you enjoy reading my story =)

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