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It's all about THEM♥

Assalamualaikum how are you today (?) Hope you just fine Nd great (!) :)
Okai, today let's talk about my friends . I love my friends . I don't care whether he or she . It's did't mean that if I be friends with boy and he is my BF rite (?) Many people doesn't satisfied with me if my bestfriend is a BOY (!) Why (?) em seriously , I think they're fool (!) =.-' SORRY . How could they said that (?) Be a bestfriend with a boy is the most cleverest thing I've ever do (!) yah / Don't believe it . Okai let me tell you why I love to friends with boys .

Sometimes , boys are more understand my feel than my girl friends . Yah (!) B'cause they're boy Nd their feel is more tough than girls . Nd they always make me more stronger . They taught me how to be brave , how to be more stronger , how to conclude a situation , how to find the way out in a problem , how to be more dramatic , how to be more smarter , how to be REAL " SHAWTY " (!)
I LOVE THEM but only as a FRIENDS (!) No more other that . 'Cause i'd already taken by my little sweety bunny Mirol♥ :) Sometimes , they'd cheer me up when I sad :( Yah (!) They'd treat me as their sister . How such a gentle rite♥

Hum but even I more comfort with boys , I have more girls friend . They're cool but only SOMETIMES . They're more " CEREWET " (!) #HAHA! :) Em I miss our GIRLS NIGHT (!) :( Having fun with each other singing yelling shouting talking 'bout boys . AWW I miss all the moment . Hmm :( I wish we could spend our day together again . One of my bestfriends that I'd never can forget are ♥TJ Nd ♥Ain :( Both of them are very COOL Nd very amazing girl . LOve to be friend with them . Hm TJ is my form1 friend . She is very beautiful . Nd Ain is my form2 friend which is from TERENGGANU . She is amazing girl . She such a tomboy but I love it . She just being herself . Nd she is very passion of PARAMORE♥ Both them are cool . Hope someday they can meet together . YAh TJ from KEDAH Nd Ain from TEGANU . Em it will be cool if we can be together doing everything together . I am very appreciate FRIENDSHIP♥

Okai That's all from me :) Hope you enjoy reading this :)
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