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//SmileShawty♥: 2011-11-27
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It's all about FEELINGS♥

Assalamualaikum Nd happy Monday :) How are you friends (?) Hope y'All just fine :) Nd how yours day today (?) Hopefully ur day was GREAT (!) Okai Today let's talk 'bout something that I'll always scared to - LOL - Em you know what (?) CHEATING LOVE (!) SCANDAL (!) Oh gee I m very scared of those two Damn thing (!) I m scared if my couple doing that Damn thing :( Cheating on me (?) Have a scandal (!)
Em you know what is this pic means (?) SCANDAL * Means that Making more than one relationship . I mean Couple with not only one boy/girl :) Get it (?) huh (?) Do you think that being cheating is COOL (?) I don't think so . (!) Seriously , I think it is a FOOL . How could you cheat on your couple (?) Don't you feel guilty of what happen (?) Huh (!) How such a COWARD you are (!) YES (!) I m very mad . I don't like I mean I m freakin' Damn so much don't like to being cheat on my couple (!) Do you (?) Ohh Shit (!) Please boys/Girls out there Dont Ever Cheating on your couple (!) Please I m begging yo (!) Enough (!) It's not worth ANYTHING (!) How can you do that without think how your couple's feel (?) Players is not a matured thing to do
(!) Uh Damn please please please please please please please please Nd please Do not Cheating or SCANDAL (!) Okay (?) If you wanna know how its feel . Let I tell yah (!) It's feel so hurt (!) Like something kill you . It is HURT (!) Trust me . Please don't do that . Be a honest person . Love her/him more than she/he loves you Okai (?) Love is beautiful but don't change it into Beati"FOOL" (!) Get it (?) good :)
Read this carefully Nd understand it . Okay (?) Hurm , You are the most stupidest person if you're a player =) #HAHA! If you're a player don't be so proud 'cause one day you will Feel it . Feel what you've done to others :) Don't be so proud . Remember we still have ALLAH that will regards everything we do :) Just smile :) So , People who had been cheating by yours couple don't feel insecure . Get up Nd try to love someone else Nd gain more experience . The experiences will make we more matured than the day before :) So , Don't afraid and keep you heel high . Walk with confidence :) Nd don't ever Cheat or Scandal . Get me rite (?) Love you:)

That's all from me today . It's my advice Nd please hear me :)
Hope you enjoy reading this

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It's all about LONELINESS♥

Assalamualaikum . How are you (?) Hope you just fine Nd happy not as me :( Today is sucks (!) for me :( How 'bout yours (?) Hope y'All just fine Nd keep Smiling =')
Okai let mw tell 'bout my day today :) I feel very alone :( Nd feel like wanna die . Since yesterday nite n 'til today . Why (?) Are you wondering (?) Okai let me tell why
Okai can you see this pic (?) Can you get it (?) can you get how much I m lonely (?) Hurm , This is what I feel right now . Nd no one can cure me :( Please . This is all 'bout my love that I do everything Nd tried everything to Live in this relationship forever (!) How much I love you babe . Please Understand me . I'll do anything to make you happy . Please (!) I m begging you :( Only just b'cause a stupid DAMN matter can make we fight . Oh gee I wanna die (!) Seriously I told you the thing that make our fight start is when I trying to tell him 'bout my EX then at a moment he said " BODO ( FOOL / DAMN / STUPID ) " How much it's hurt me :(
Hurm , I miss you babe . Please don't treat me like this :(
Please Please Please (!) Don't make my tears fall to the ground (!)
I m sick treated like this (!) I have feel like others too :) So do you rite (?) How could you so this to me (?) But , Whatever it is I know there's a way to make we happy again :) Just be patient . Everything have the out way :) I believe that :) I LOVE YOU (!) Okai , This is my damn day . So , What 'bout yours (?) Tell me :)

That's all from me today . Pray for my happiness . Nd end my Loneliness (!)
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