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It's all about LONELINESS♥

Assalamualaikum . How are you (?) Hope you just fine Nd happy not as me :( Today is sucks (!) for me :( How 'bout yours (?) Hope y'All just fine Nd keep Smiling =')
Okai let mw tell 'bout my day today :) I feel very alone :( Nd feel like wanna die . Since yesterday nite n 'til today . Why (?) Are you wondering (?) Okai let me tell why
Okai can you see this pic (?) Can you get it (?) can you get how much I m lonely (?) Hurm , This is what I feel right now . Nd no one can cure me :( Please . This is all 'bout my love that I do everything Nd tried everything to Live in this relationship forever (!) How much I love you babe . Please Understand me . I'll do anything to make you happy . Please (!) I m begging you :( Only just b'cause a stupid DAMN matter can make we fight . Oh gee I wanna die (!) Seriously I told you the thing that make our fight start is when I trying to tell him 'bout my EX then at a moment he said " BODO ( FOOL / DAMN / STUPID ) " How much it's hurt me :(
Hurm , I miss you babe . Please don't treat me like this :(
Please Please Please (!) Don't make my tears fall to the ground (!)
I m sick treated like this (!) I have feel like others too :) So do you rite (?) How could you so this to me (?) But , Whatever it is I know there's a way to make we happy again :) Just be patient . Everything have the out way :) I believe that :) I LOVE YOU (!) Okai , This is my damn day . So , What 'bout yours (?) Tell me :)

That's all from me today . Pray for my happiness . Nd end my Loneliness (!)
* T H A N K ♥ Y O U *
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