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It's all about FEELINGS♥

Assalamualaikum Nd Gud mOwninkk : ) Amacam hary neyh (?) Okay (?) Camne pagi kowank hary neyh (?) Hope it is GREAT yeahh : ) 'Cause today I woke up with a big Smile , Thinking of my Lovely boy♥ : ) I m happy today. Feeling amazing. Alhamdulillah Syukran Ya Allah . Sudaa lama tak rase happy camneyh . Hurm Alhamdulillah lha hary neyh fyra bangun dengan senyuman Nd perasaan y very pleasure of what happened . Even my day before was very worst but it's all worthed . I love him very much♥ so anything happen I can't leave him . Yesterday , Oh mine I can't remember that It was very disaster day for me . Fyra Nd si dea hampir broke up . Astarfirullah Al Adzghim . Tak sanggup (!) :( Memang gile pale wase . Hurm ape y kteowank alami selama neyh takkan nak akhirkan cam tuh jerh . Adeshh tak sanggup (!) Hurm tapeyh an just be positive rite (?)

Cite nyerh camneyh . Mase petang mase dea Col fyra cam ta bape nak layan sangad 'cause I have nothing important to say . Fyra pon pelik sebab kebelakangan neyh dea always Colling every minute . Ahaha . Erm tapeyh takde salah pape pon an . He just wanna talk to me Nd be more happier than before 'cause he had a little problem so maybe I should give him positive surrounded to make him calm . Jyeahh that's what a GF should do . Huhuh . Erm tapy petang tuh dea Col fyra cam ta bape nak friendly macam selalu fyra pon tataw nape then dea marah kod letak fon tapeyh sebelom dea letak fyra ade terdengar ayat neyh " NATANG APE AU " Oh dear , It's hurt me alot :( So fyra Off fon sampai malam . Hurm I m not strong girl babe so Fyra decided On balek fon then penoh msg from him . Tapeyh bukan ucapan MAAP . Cuma lha sekadar msg biasa . Naik angin jugak lha sebab ye lha dea cam buwat|2 nothing happen pulakk . Aishhh betol|2 bullshit (!)

Hurm then fyra just keep empty my mind so nothing gonna worst the situation . Fyra tanye dea betol|2 dengan nada tak marah or menengking kew . Mule nye dea mengaku salah Nd mintak maap 'cause fyra just ask him like " Em pa maki ma erh ? " Then , The second msg : fyra ade selitkan ayat " Natang ape Au " tuh . Then , Dea cam memberontak tak mengaku pulakk . Masalah nyew fyra dengar dengan telinge fyra sendiri lha . Hurm fyra just tell him that " we (us) should stop texting for awhile let me calm myself then we talk about this again later . But he won't to . He Col me again Nd again but I won't pick up his Col 'cause I want to calm myself Nd I don't want to argue with him Nd says something that I shouldn't said . But unfortunately , He don't understand Nd he thought me want to break up our relationship . Hurm , Sadding :( Fyra terus kuatkan semangat Nd trime ape keputusan dea tuh . Then , He Col me back . So maybe fyra should answer him Nd 'cause maybe it is the last time I talk to him . So Fyra pick up his Col Nd boley dengar tangisan dea . Memang mase tuh air mate da already falls to the ground . Sape tak sedeyh bile hubungan left cam tuh jerh . Hurm dea tried to pulihkan sume nyew , Fyra pon takley tipu y fyra belom sedia tuk lepas dea . So , Dengan aty terbuke fyra trime balek dea Nd we're back together♥ . Hurm , Sejak semalam hubungan kamy lebey rapat dari sebelom neyh . Everything happen is for a reason : ) Alhamdulillah . Malam tuk jugak lha kamy lepaskan sume y ade lam aty . Let's he knows me Nd let I know him . So hary neyh memang fyra boley idop ngan tenang Nd senyom lebar|2 'cause sume y mengganggu pikiran sume da takde . Alhamdulillah♥

So that's all from me today hope you like it : ) Pray for my happiness Nd so am I : )
Hope everything is gonna be fine : ) So tell me 'bout your day : )
Okay hope you enjoy reading this.

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